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Lolo ball

The Mookie Lolo Ball hopper is £7.49 at Amazon right now, with 32% off and free delivery.

I have a confession to make – we have one of these in red, lying in the cupboard in it’s wrapping as I’ve had no idea what it was, what it was called or what you did with it in all the time we’ve had it. I’ve kept it since I couldn’t even Freecycle it, not knowing what it was.

Well, now I do and I’m going to have to fish it out the deepest darkest recesses, as it seems like it could be good fun, and as one 16 year old reviewer on Amazon said, good exercise!

Oh, if you still don’t know what I’m on about, apparently you stand on the trainer grips of the platform, squeeze the ball between your feet and bounce. Must be an awesome workout for those inner thighs!

The reviewers love it, with two exceptions, one saying it was a bit difficult for 6-8 year old’s to master, and another simply not liking it.

Amazon does seem a little unsure of who it’s aimed at, stating the age recommendation as being 36 months (that’s 3 years, understand) to 1 year. Rather confusing.

Reviewers come to the rescue though, stating love for it from ages around 6 to 16 (and beyond, if you listen to the comments from HUKD)

By the way,I couldn't find a picture of one in use, so if you have one, do send it to us, please!

Thanks kimberlykendrick81 from HUKD

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  • sara
    these were called 'space hoppers' in my childhood days, discovered one in back of sports cupboard in the school where i work this week, non of the children had ever seen one before!! best toy ever!!

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