Kids Two Seater Hammock £20 @ ASDA

Kids Two Seater Hammock £20 @ ASDA


I am so in love. This is just awesome. A two-seater hammock for kids for only £20 at Asda that’s easy to put together, wonderfully cheap and just plain adorable. Perhaps I am smitten because I would love one of these for myself.

I am already lost in the wondrous daydream of me lying on my own hammock in the sun. Lovely drink to my left, book in my hand, yummy snack to my right, and not a responsibility in sight. Aaaah, bliss.

Well, perhaps this will keep your kids entertained for long enough so you can live my dream. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer. It’s multicoloured and is 110x117x72cm in size. You will need to assemble it yourself and you may haasdave to get additional tools to finish the job.

Delivery charges are around the £5.95 mark for the UK or you can arrange to collect it instore at your nearest branch. I love it!

Thanks to A Martin @ HUKD!


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