Kids Metal Wheelbarrow £10 @ Tesco

Kids Metal Wheelbarrow £10 @ Tesco

kidsWheelbarrowTesco are selling this kids metal wheelbarrow for £10 instead of £15 at the moment.

Kids love to help out in the garden or,  like my youngest,  just generally transport things from one place to another.

I have a ton of gardening to do this week and having checked the weather it looks like this could be the week for it, in between dodging the showers that are supposed to be floating past on their way to wash out Wimbledon.

If my youngest wasn't at school he'd be at my ankles BEGGING to be allowed to help and push the wheelbarrow, but when you're little a grown-up wheelbarrow is a bit huge to handle.

A kids wheelbarrow would be the perfect solution and I'm probably going to get one; if I don't save a bit of gardening for him to help with at the weekend there'll be big trouble and you know what it's like being in trouble with a five-year-old...exactly, not even worth thinking about.

Tesco delivery prices are rather ridiculous, in my opinion, so I'll be using the click and collect in-store for free option.

Thanks to LJC79 at HUKD


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