Kids Gardening Equipment 25% Off @ Sainsbury’s

Kids Gardening Equipment 25% Off @ Sainsbury’s

Gardening tools

There’s 25% off gardening goodies for getting little ones involved in the garden at the moment. (If you spend more than £50, you can – until Monday – get £10 off your non-food order with the code QCPL-3QXG-T4JJ). This 25% off offer is valid till 7 June.

I love seeing my daughter in the garden, and love how enthused she gets about digging around and ‘helping out’. I’m not sure what remains of our veggie patch shares my enthusiasm, but still, it’s great for her. I’m really keen on the thought of creating a ‘magic garden’ kind of space for her – but for the one in my imagination I’ll need a garden about six times bigger than what we have.

In the meantime, however, 25% off gardening items is useful for giving her something of her own to potter about with. There are green and pink kid’s trowel and forks for £2.25 each. Gardening gloves come in at £2.24, while there’s also a child sized wheelbarrow for £12.74 – although that only has 15% off.

You could even go the whole hog, and buy the Peppa Pig Garden Tool set (sorry, couldn’t help myself) for £9.74. This includes a watering can, four plant pots, labels, a trowel, a hoe, a fork and a rake and a caddy for storing it all in.

And then, for the final touches of magic and enjoyment, once all the hard work is done, you can add windmills, ornaments and even a bird feeder – starting at £1.49 – to your child’s garden.


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