Kids Garden Caddy With Tools £3 @ Tesco

Kids Garden Caddy With Tools £3 @ Tesco

Tesco has a Kids Garden Caddy With Tools on half price offer for £3 instead of £6.

  • Get into gentle gardening with Tesco's Garden Caddy*
  • If I'm honest, I probably wouldn't buy this because there are plenty of wood and steel versions for children that do not cost very much more. But a friend was saying yesterday how she went for the cheap plastic version of a thing because her son liked hitting people with anything he could reach and she'd rather he hit someone with plastic than with wood or steel, if he is going to be hitting. Which is totally fair enough. These can certainly not do much damage, but they're also not going to be as useful in actual gardening, which my 3 and 1 year olds enjoy getting involved in.

    This brightly coloured kit consists of a hand trowel, two planters and mini watering can.

    The tools comply with EN71 children's safety regulations.

    The set is free for click and collect, or £3 for home delivery.

    Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD


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