Inflatable Ball Pits £7.50 @ Tesco

9 June 2010

ballpit1 I do like toys that can be used both indoors and outdoors...

WHAT is with the weather at the moment?!  Summer one minute, all beautiful and blazing and then more like winter the next, with rain, wind and temperatures barely into double-figures.

Our poor kiddies don't know whether they're coming or going, the best clothes policy seems to be wear a t-shirt and shorts, put some wellies on their feet and have a brolly and warm jumper handy, just in case!

And the distress when their favourite garden toy can't be brought inside!  The tears could break the heart of the toughest tough person.

All hail, then, the inflatable ball pit!  Light and easy to move around, almost instant entertainment (well, I suppose that depends on how long it takes you to blow it up...a word to the wise, invest in a foot-pump!) and when deflated hardly takes up any space.  Put it out in the garden when it's sunny and quickly whip it indoors when the rain strikes; simple!

ballpit2There are two up for grabs here at half-price (down from £15.00 to £7.50) from Tesco - a cute purple swan or a spaceship.  The swan has a hoop to throw the balls through in a netball/basketball stylee and a hoopla 'pole' too and the spaceship....doesn't.

It also doesn't look like the balls are included, but these can be picked up in all sorts of places - there are often deals on these so shop around, otherwise you could end up paying more than you need to!

Standard delivery applies, which is just shy of £5, or FREEEEE if you choose to have your chosen pit delivered for you to collect from your local store.

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