Foameez £4.99 @ Amazon/Smyths

Foameez £4.99 @ Amazon/Smyths

Every now and then, an affordable toy will be brought into school by a child, then all of a sudden half of the school end up with them. My boys have been nipping my head for Foameez. Not heard of them? They are heavily advertised on the children's television channels.

The cheapest I have found them for is £4.99 at Amazon and Smyths, and if it keeps the kids happy then that's a fiver well spent in my eyes.

What are Foameez? They are outdoor toys that take bubble making to a new dimension. It's a bubble blower that makes trails of foaming bubbles. They can be a big as you like. This is achieved by blowing your lung capacity of air through the tube and the foaming bubbles chain comes out the mouth.

The Foameez at Amazon are add-on items, which mean they are only available to buy when you add them to an order totalling £20 or more.

As for Smyths, most stores have them in stock according to the Smyths site, but aren't available to purchase online.

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  • Stuart B.

    kids would love this

  • Beankeeper

    You can make these for free with stuff in your house (obviously don't look as pretty but do the same thing). Get a 500ml empty bottle of pop and cut the end of it, take a flannel and place over the end of the bottle which you just cut and secure. I used a hair bobble. Then you just dip the flannel end in some soapy water (we used a bubble bath and water mix) and then blow through the end which you normally drink from. Bob's your uncle. We saw this a couple of months ago on a kids TV programme and my daughter has great fun in the bath.

  • Rachel T.

    Cut the bottom end off a water bottle, cover the end with an old sock, dip in bubble mixture and blow (definitely don't suck like one child I know did...!).

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