Feber Famosa Water Swing £49.99 (+£4.25 Delivery) @ Amazon Seller: This Is It Famous Value Store

Feber Water Swing £49.99 (+£4.25 Delivery)

Okay, so it's not the height of Summer just yet, but this price is too good to miss. The Feber Famosa Water Swing normally sells for around £100-£150. It's currently reduced to £99 at Very. You can now understand why my eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw Amazon Seller: This Is It Famous Value Store selling it for only £49.99 plus £4.25 delivery.

The Feber Famosa Water Swing may look like a regular swing, but it has a hidden fun element. Attach it to your garden hose and this swing is transformed into one of the most fun toys you can get for the garden.

The water squirts out of the top of the swing, so your child gets sprayed as they swing on it. This is one, for a hot day, but it can be used as a regular swing on those days when the weather is cooler.

The water stops spraying once the swing is stationary. The frame itself is weatherproof and shouldn't rust as it has a special coating.

I really wish they would make a version for us grown-ups. How fun would that be after a glass or two of vino?

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