Children’s Grow Bags £1.43 @ Homebase

Children’s Grow Bags £1.43 @ Homebase

Grow My Own BagHomebase are clearing out their summer stock and selling vegetable grow bags targeted at kids for just £1.43 instead of £2.49, saving just over a £1 each.

We started a veggie garden this year, but moved house in late May, so by the time we were moved in and all, it was really too late and all that bothered to grow much were pumpkins (still on track for October!) and many rows of beans.  I cordoned off an area for my little girl, then about 20 months to ‘plant’  her own garden – I say ‘plant’ because she dug up about as many seeds in ‘tending’ as she planted, so we expect no major crops in that particular area – at least not without some mummy magic.

These grow bags are 33 litre bags, so they’re not massive, but they’re decorated in funky and bright  colours and might help encourage green fingers out in the garden. If you’re not that keen on braving the soggy rain, then stick them in the shed or the back of the cupboard, and I’m sure they’ll be ready to be brought out early next year.

Thanks to Damnome at HUKD


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