Bunch O Balloons 2 Launcher £12 Delivered @ Tesco Direct

Bunch O Balloons 2 Launcher £12

You NEED this for the ultimate afternoon of nonsense with the kids. I am SO getting this! The Bunch O Balloons 2 Launcher is what I am talking about. It's looks like fantastic fun for a sunny day in the garden with the kids.

Tesco Direct have reduced it from £20 to just £12 delivered, which I think is a super price and I am all for saving £8, on something I would buy anyway.

The Bunch O Balloons 2 Launcher consists of TWO Balloon Launchers, FOUR ZURU Bunch O Balloons and TWO Balloon Bags.

Basically, this is the ultimate water balloon fight kit. Simply fill your balloons by fitting the balloon adapter onto the tap. You can fill 100 balloons (and tie) in 1 minute with these.

Put the balloons into your bags and off you go! Whip out your Launcher to get more distance to hit targets.

The kids will go daft for this and for £12, it's a cheap afternoon's worth of fun.

You can Click and Collect the Bunch O Balloons 2 Launcher for FREE from a Tesco store near you or have it delivered to your door for FREE if you'd prefer.

These are this price in store too, so if you are out shopping, keep your eyes peeled.

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  • John L.

    I was watching a video the other day of these they look awesome.

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