Winnie The Pooh Cutlery Set £1 @ Poundland

27 June 2010

winnie Sometimes buying from Poundland can cost you more than it would elsewhere. Sounds crazy, I know, but this happened to me once or twice and so I started to be a lot more careful about what I bought from them. And then, equally, they can throw up deals like this one that are truly brilliant. This Winnie the Pooh cutlery set is a genius price for only £1.

There are several different cutlery and eating utensil sets available at Poundland with the Winnie the Pooh branding. The fork and spoon set are tough and machine washable and are small enough for little hands to get used to.

For another £1 you can then add the Winnie the Pooh plate which will last you for ages and ages (ours did), and the Winnie the Pooh two-handled nonspill cup. You only spend £3 for all three items that winnie2would normally cost you in the region of £15 if you bought them from Disney directly.

Other items that would suit teeny tots include the Winnie the Pooh soother pack (two in a pack), and another variation of the spill proof cup above. You’ll have to amble into your nearest branch so give them a call first to make sure the items you want are in stock.

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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