Traditional Swinging Crib £29.99 @ Kiddicare

Traditional Swinging Crib £29.99 @ Kiddicare

If you're after a traditional swinging crib then you'll want to pop over to Kiddicare and take a look at the Clair de Lune Florence Swing Crib they've currently got on sale - it's £29.99 at the moment instead of £89.99.

I've always loved the look of a traditional swinging crib but practicality always won out and so I had moses baskets and cot beds for all my babies.  The practical reason for me not to have a traditional swinging crib was not being able to move it around the house as easily as a moses basket, but if that's not a concern for you then I'd definitely consider the Clair de Lune Florence Swing Crib.

It's made from natural pine and has a gentle rocking action from side to side and comes with a simple locking device for a stationary position.  You'll need to purchase the mattress and bedding separately and the required mattress dimensions are: 83.5 x 43cm.

As this traditional swinging crib is £29.99 it just qualifies for free home delivery, so £29.99 is the complete and total price you're going to pay for your Clair de Lune Traditional Swing Crib (ignoring the fact you need to buy a mattress, of course).

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