Tommee Tippee Electronic Breast Pump £39.99 @ Tesco Direct

Wtommee For those of you mums who have decided to breast feed, getting the right equipment can be an expensive nightmare. An electronic breast pump is absolutely the right way to go and for only £39.99 with a saving of £40, this particular deal is brilliant. 

If you want to express milk and store it for later use, or to give your partner some feeding time, then an electronic breast pump comes highly recommended. I personally would advise strongly against a manual one. Those who bought manual breast pumps said they took far too long and were wtommee2exhaustingly tedious. As a new parent you really don’t want to do more work than you absolutely have to. 

This Tommee Tippee kit includes everything you need to start sterilising, expressing, storing and feeding your baby. The soft silicone cup mimics baby’s feeding action and the settings can be adjusted to suit you. Included in the kit are one 150ml bottle with slow flow teat, two milk storage pots, one milk storage lid, six Closer To Nature breastpads and one handy steriliser box. 

Thanks to surfgirl040577 at HUKD!

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