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10 February 2011


The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap is a funky alternative to the bog standard cot bumper and is all about making everyone feel a little bit safer. Currently Safe Dreams have a sale on their Cot Wraps so this is a good time to check them out.

The Safe Dreams Cot Wrap is made from cotton-rich Softbreathe fabric that has holes on both sides so babies can breathe right through it. Fresh air can easily flow in and out of the cot and the Cot Wrap also uses Velcro rather than ties or strings so baby can’t get caught up in them.

The Cot Wrap looks fab as well, so you aren’t sacrificing style for safety and is very well padded to protect baby against knocks and bumps. All four sides of the cot are covered so arms, legs and dummies stay inside the cot.

You can get two different versions of the Cot Wrap. The four-sided version is for cots and cot beds with rails on all four sides, and the two-sided version is for cots and cot bed with solid ends. You can get the four-sided dude for £27.99 instead of the usual £29.99 and the two-sided wrap for £22.99 instead of the usual £24.99 right now.

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