Pink Lining Mama et Bebe Messenger Change Bag £44.95 Was £79 @ Baby Lurve

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Had your eye on a Pink Lining Mama et Bebe change bag but been put off by the price? Well check out this deal - £44.95 with free shipping instead of the normal price of £79.00!

Until I had my first baby (almost ten years ago... *faints*) I had no idea that baby changing bags were such a 'thing'. But, oh man, are they a thing.

I know of people who have spent longer agonising over which change bag to buy than they did over what to call their baby!

And I have friends who have bought several change bags in a seemingly-endless quest to find the perfect one.

Me, I'm still using the same bag I bought many moons ago, long before baby changing bags were really a thing you could buy. I settled on a bicycle courier's bag in funky colours on the basis that we needed something gender-neutral that my husband would be happy to carry around too - cupcakes and cutesy slogans were not going to cut it for him and I'm not really that sorta mum, either.

But anyhow, Pink Lining change bags are seriously popular with mums who are into stuff like that, and this is a pretty nifty price. So get it while it's hot!

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