Koo-di Handy Changer £19.99 @ Asda Direct

Koo-Di Handy Changer

When you've got a baby, you've got to carry a lot of stuff about with you. I pretty much found I was wedded to my baby change bag! Especially as I kept it stocked all the time, so I could use it indoors as well. It made a handy little 'container' so I knew were all the essentials were all the time. A great time saver. So, when you're in the market for a change bag, get one that YOU like, and that you'll enjoy taking about with you. Like this stylish Koo-di Handy Changer, on sale at Asda Direct for £19.99. It was £34.98.

The website describes this bag as compact, but it doesn't give a size. However it does claim that the Koo-di Handy Changer will fit all the essentials a little one will need: nappies, bibs and a change of clothes. It also has 2 removable pouches - great for cotton wool and creams. And an elasticated strap to hold a bottle or a jar of baby food in place as well as a large, wipe clean changing mat. The bag itself is also wipe clean.

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