Kidspace Four Drawer Underbed Storage £22.00 @

Kidspace Four Drawer Underbed Storage £22.00 @

underbed stoargeStorage space is always a massive problem in our house – not really because we have too much stuff, but rather because we have too few cupboards. If you're in the same situation, these under bed storage boxes could come in handy – especially if there's a new mountain of toys after Christmas!

I must admit, I'd not have paid £99.00 for them – half-cut decorated cardboard boxes will suffice for under the bed, thank you very much, but at £22.00 I'm definitely willing to give them a chance!

There are two reviews for this, and both would recommend them, but also say that you should just check the measurements first and make sure they'll fit under the bed.

The drawers are actually made to go with the Kidspace bed, and suit the single bed, bunk-bed and Trio bunk-bed, but will fit under beds of 25.5cm height.

For some reason, the red four drawer set is still £99.00, and the black and pink are unfortunately out of stock now, but the blue and lilac are still in stock.

Add a £6.95 delivery fee and you should be able to start finding order in your child's room again within 14 days.

Happy New Year folks! Have a good New Year's Eve!


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