Huggies Pure Wipes £89p @ Wilkinson

Huggies Pure Wipes £89p @ Wilkinson

This is a fantastic deal, especially for fans of the lovely Huggies Pure wipes that don’t have any funny smells or perfumes. Usually these retail for £2.34 per pack but Wilkinson has marked them down to 89p per pack which is substantially less than half the original price.

These Huggies Pure wipes are theoretically a lot like cotton wool and water and are usually quite expensive on their own. I used to use these all the time and found them to be really gentle on my baby’s bum and they didn’t have a funny chemical smell either.

The only problem with the Huggies Pure wipes is that they tend to clump in the packet. You can have some difficulty getting wipes out and, when you eventually do get hold of them, a bunch come out at the same time which can be a bit wasteful. However this seems to be a side effect of the fact that they are quite free from weird extras which makes it worth it in my view.

Thanks to TEMP11 at HUKD!


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