Huggies Newborn Size 2 Nappies 2 Economy Packs x 62 £8.84 @ Amazon

Huggies If you're into planning ahead, then you can get a great deal on these nappies. They're made with organic cotton, and at £8.84 per pack from Amazon it works out to 7p a nappy.

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For some reason, I developed a horror of all chemicals when my son was born. All my cleaning products went in the bin, and were replaced with more natural products and environmentally friendly ones. All new clothes got washed several times before I put them on my son, so afraid was of the chemicals you get in the material.

If you're that way inclined too, then organic cotton will definitely be a major plus.

According to the product description, Huggies have fluffy absorbent fibres made from wood pulp sourced only from suppliers with Sustainable Forestry Certification. HUGGIES was the first nappy clinically proven to protect against nappy rash.

One reviewer on the site, who gave the nappies four stars, comments that "my wife and I found that these nappies were great during the day for regular changes but they tend to leak during the night because they don't hold enough. This isn't too much of a problem - it just means more changes during the night or early morning."

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