Huggies Nappies Big Pack 2 For £14 @ Asda

Huggies Nappies Big Pack 2 For £14 @ Asda

The Huggies Nappies Big Packs normally sell for £11.98 each at Asda. With this deal you can get two packs for £14. There are 76 nappies in these packs, so at a total of 152 nappies that works out to 9p each. Tesco is offering the same pack at £11.98 each or two for £19.

There are also deals on smaller packs, which you can find here, with 2 for £10 and rollbacks offered. The Huggies Nappies Big Pack is for sizes 4 to 7. If you're a fan of Huggies this is an excellent deal. It seems like every baby has a different 'preference'. I always found that my son reacted to any brand other than Pampers, while my neice had the same problem but with any brand except Huggies. My best mate on the other hand found that Sainsbury's own brand worked just as well as any brand name, but not the own brand from Tesco. It is definitely an odd one!

Everyday is a world of new discoveries for a baby. Whether they’re sticking their head between their legs or trying to eat their feet, they’re always exploring the exciting world as it unfolds around them. And like any explorer, it’s important that they have the right equipment.

Huggies Super-Dry nappies offer dryness for up to 12 hours protection. With a special super stretchy waistband and breathable outer layer, your little explorer can stay dry and comfortable, meaning he can concentrate on his next exciting discovery, whatever it may be.

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