Huggies Economy Nappy Packs 64 £2.99 @ Tesco

Huggies Economy Nappy Packs 64 £2.99 @ Tesco

This deal does need you to do a bit of work but it is well worth it. You can nab a pack of 64 Huggies nappies for only £2.99 which works out to around 4p a nappy – bargain. You’ll need to download and print a voucher to get this deal so follow the details below.

Tesco are currently offering economy packs of nappies for half price so if you go to the Huggies Cluband register with them, then you will get a voucher that will offer you a £2 discount on any Huggies nappies you buy.

Print out this voucher and then amble instore to your nearest Tesco and nab your pack of Huggies nappies, use the voucher and bingo – you have saved a very tidy amount of dosh on a really big pack of nappies. This is a fab deal for anyone expecting a baby or who needs to stock up for a bit.

Thanks to lollybluk at HUKD!


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