Huggies Carry Packs Printable Voucher: £2 Off

1 September 2010

Huggies Carry Pack Voucher

This is a printable voucher for Huggies Carry On Packs, which will give you £2 off at participating retailers.

Click here for £2 off Huggies Carry Packs

  • Discount: £2 off
  • Minimum Spend: £0.00
  • Applies To: All Huggies Carry Packs
  • Voucher Code: Follow the link above for the printable voucher

To get your voucher, just click on the link above. You may need to scroll down the page a bit, depending on the size of your screen. At the bottom of the page you'll see the Print Coupon button. Click on it.

This can be a handy little money saver if you use Huggies disposables. I assume that most retailers won't take the voucher if the nappies are already on special offer. But, if you can't find them in a 2 for 1 or discount sale, then this is another way to make sure you save those extra few pounds!

There isn't anything about an expiry date in the Terms and Conditions for this voucher. It can be used for the carry packs for Huggies Newborn, Little Walkers, Natural Fit, and Super Dry.

The voucher does say it can be used with any participating retailer, but I couldn't find these listed anywhere on the website. I assume that the main supermarkets will be amongst those participating.

Thanks to radiakashyap at HUKD!

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