Ginger and Crumb Moses Basket (Inc Mattress) £18 @ Woolworths

If you're after a moses basket but don't want to feel as though you've been ripped off  - moses baskets can be really expensive - then you should get yourself over to Woolworths, pronto, and take a look at this very cute Ginger and Crumb moses basket.

It's up for grabs for £18 - if you went to Littlewoods to buy it you'd be paying £49, look...

All of my children spent their first few months of life on the outside, sleeping in a moses basket; there's just something about the way they look, to me, that makes them a 'must'.

Aside from how they look, they are very practical

  • They're light and easy to move around the house
  • They're very easy to take away with you when you're staying away from home
  • They're small and baby can feel very cosy inside, there's also the added 'cocooned' feeling when the canopy is raised
  • Find the right deal and you have a very cheap first sleeping solution

Most moses baskets don't come with a mattress either, this one does which makes it an absolute steal for £18; you can also buy matching Ginger and Crumb items from Woolworths (again, considerably cheaper than Littlewoods) if you wanted to create a Ginger and Crumb nursery theme.

Thanks to UmmUmm at HUKD

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