Fabulous Toy Sale @ Wilkinson

9 September 2011


It’s a good week for toys this week, there are sales all over the place with items that are, honestly just brilliantly priced. This is excellent not only for wallet saving purposes, but also for stocking up for Christmas. I tend to avoid that whole big expense in one month thing and snatch up deals months in advance and this is a good place to start.

I really enjoy Wilkinson actually, they have some lovely stuff that is good value for money. The toy sale includes things like play centres, bikes, sandpits, trampolines, swings, picnic tables and more. They are mostly outdoor toys but it doesn’t matter if they stay unused until it gets warm again, at least you’re not paying full price!

The sale is also excellent for buying gifts for grandparents and partners. There is a lot of other stuff included  in outdoor for adults, health and beauty, furniture and pets. In other words, lots of variety and plenty of opportunity to sort out some nice gifts at low prices.

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