Discounted Stairgates @ ASDA

Discounted Stairgates @ ASDA

lindamFor the parents that have rogue toddlers and crawlers that are escaping to  dangerous places this deal will come very much in handy. ASDA have several different safety gates marked down to as little as £15 and you can choose the system’s that best suit the layout of your home.

The first of the gates is the Lindam Flexigate (pictured above left) that’s a lightweight and portable alternative to the standard safety gate. It has a quick release pressure fit handle and can be fitted in one click for ease of use. This collapsible gate twists and folds into its own carry bag so it’s a good bet for holidays and travelling.

Another gate included in the big price bust is the Lindam Sure Shut safety gate for only £15. This one has been marked down from £19 and is a two-way opening gate. It has a secondary locking mechanism for added safety and can be extended to up to 138cm with separate extensions. It adjusts to fit openings from 75cm to 82cm and lindam2you don’t need to do any drilling or use screws.

One word of warning, though, we had one of these and the rubber ends rubbed the paint something fierce and really left quite a bit of damage. Still, that’s a small price to pay for not having to insert it into the wall.

Thanks to funkymonkeyboy at HUKD!


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