Crayola 24 Mini Kids Jumbo Crayons £2.28 @ Amazon

Crayola 24 Mini Kids Jumbo Crayons £2.28 @ Amazon


Aaah, another happy little stocking filler from Amazon. This set of Jumbo crayons from Crayola has been marked down from £3.22 to only £2.28 and come with free delivery. That’s just fabulous funny money isn’t it!

The set includes 24 Jumbo crayons from Crayola in a bunch of different colours. They have been designed with an easy grip for little hands and are far chunkier than traditional crayons. I have used these before and I’ve found that my daughter much prefers them to the thinner variety.

This is rather good for babies and toddlers just getting to grips with that there pincer hold and using pens to create pretty colours. This will also fit nicely into any stocking, or you could just get these along with some lovely colouring in books as a present for a friend or family member with a baby.

I find that it isn’t necessarily about how much you spend on a present, but rather how useful it is and how much thought went into it.

Thanks to goonertillidie at HUKD!


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