Bumbo And Tray £29.99 @ Mothercare

Bumbo And Tray £29.99 @ Mothercare

The Bumbo Baby Sitter and Play Tray set in red is down from £39.99 to only £29.99 at Mothercare. This product is usually very expensive, although I am not entirely sure why, so this seems like a pretty good deal for fans of the range.

As soon as baby can support his or her head the Bumbo baby sitter helps them to sit upright. The Bumbo is suitable for babies from 4-12 months old weighing in at 9-22lbs. It is easy to clean, brightly coloured, and many mums swear by them.

I never bought one of these even though I did toy with the idea for a while. The thing is, quite a few people said that they tipped over way too easily, while their babies were in them, and that they weren’t very safe. I think it was a 50/50 split between people who loved them and people who didn’t.

Anyway, if you are a fan of these, then you’ll like this discounted price on a Bumbo with a play tray included.

Thanks to Bezzy at HUKD!


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