Baby Monitor Deals @ Amazon

If you're in the market for a baby monitor then it'll be worth your while popping over to Amazon and taking a look at their baby monitor deals.

I've used a baby monitor with all of my children - a simple Tomy one with lights on the top for my eldest two and a Tommee Tippee motion sensor one with my youngest.

There are all sorts of baby monitors for you to choose from these days whether you just want to be able to hear your baby when you're in another room, will have extra peace of mind knowing their breathing and movement is being monitored, or you want to go the whole hog and be able to watch them on a little video screen too.

Then there are some that play light shows and lullabies to your baby, monitors that also measure temperature and humidity although not one that is capable of doing night feeds and changing nappies yet - you'll still have to do that yourself or kick your husband out of bed instead.

Discounts and prices vary - you can spend as little as £20 and go way up to over £100 and the average discount looks to be around the 30 - 40% mark.

Happy monitoring!

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