Baby Freebie: Free Recipe Holder From Organix

Baby Freebie: Free Recipe Holder From Organix


Organix are giving away free recipe folders on their site that you can use to store all of your baby weaning and feeding recipes, many of which they’ll give you for free too! All you have to do is sign up and wait patiently for your freebie to arrive.

The site has some pretty cool extras as well. What I rather like is the fact that their twitter stream lists great deals on Organix products from their suppliers. That is good customer service and shows how they know their market.

3dfolderSo, the recipe folder looks pretty sturdy and big but there are limited supplies so if this appeals to you then you’d better get registering, fast. This does also gain you access to the Organix baby club which we’ve mentioned before.

The club offers lots of other freebies and advice, so if you’re new parents looking for some great ideas on how to tackle feeding your baby then the site has a lot to offer you.


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