Angelcare Baby Monitor And Sensor Pad £62.99 @ Boots

19 August 2010

angelcare_ac401_2008 This Angelcare AC401 Baby Monitor and Sensor Pad will provide peace of mind that, in my opinion, you can't put a price on.

I had one of these monitors when my youngest was born and I wouldn't have been without it.  I didn't have one with the older two - I'm not even sure they were available when they were tiny - and the difference in my quality of sleep was very noticeable.

With the Teenagers, if I woke up in the night I would HAVE to go and check that they were still breathing. With my youngest I didn't feel the need to and slept better as a result.

The Angelcare Baby Monitor is a sound monitor so you can keep an ear on whether they are awake when you might be too far away in the house, or there's a lot of noise going on, to guarantee you'll hear them.

It also has a motion sensor mat that monitors the movement from breathing and triggers the alarm should this stop. Contrary to popular belief, I found this didn't make me worry more, it had the opposite effect.

It usually retails for £79.99, but Boots currently have it on offer for £69.99 and if you apply this code at the checkout - AFPE22 - the price will come down to £62.99.

Delivery is free or you can collect it from your local store and you'll pick up a stash of Boots Advantage points too.

Thanks to Gavin1980 over at HUKD.

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