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18 September 2010

Halfords Carseat Sale

Halfords has a sale on carseats, for this weekend only. The store has more than 50% off on some models. In addition, you get a further 15% off any carseat. The discount is automatically applied when you go to checkout. So, for example, a Graco Logica L child car seat is on sale for £49.99, down from £119.99. And when you go to checkout, this is further reduced to £42.49.

The deal also applies to carseat bases and booster seats. To see the full range of products available in this offer, click on the link above, and then on the 'See All' link on the page that appears.

What it I like about deals like this on a car seat, is that it isn't a reduction on just one brand or model. It is worth while researching exactly what you need. Too many parents that I know simply go out and get whatever happens to be to hand or cheapest on the shelf. Or looks nice. Or is allowed to be swayed by the child's desire to have cup holders, pen holders and drawing trays.

The most important consideration is what you consider to be safe. Even if your child is five years old, you really should have them in a car seat with a back and side impact. Unfortunately, unlike the US, it doesn't seem to be possible to get Category II and III car seats in this country (or Europe) that have a five point harness system. Be careful, if this is important to you, that you don't fork out extra dosh for a car seat that says it is a five point harness system AND goes up to Category II. The chances are, when you take off the baby seat bits to make the seat large enough for the older child, it will become an ordinary three point harness seat the same as all the others.

Thanks to marcr2 at HUKD!

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  • Marc
    Extra info... Quidco will give you 5% cashback and this code (bikeacc10) gave us free delivery too!
  • Lynley O.
    thanks Marc! Free delivery is always good.

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