White Cloud Woollen Bedding For Kids

whiteCloudWoollenBeddingBefore my youngest was born I went to the Baby Show in Birmingham and bought him a sheepskin fleece to go in his pushchair.

It was supposed to keep his body temperature nice and even, cool in the summer and warm in the winter; it did, it was one of the MOST used things I bought and I'd thoroughly recommend them.

Anyway, the same principles have now been applied to children's bedding and it was due to their eldest son's insomnia, during hot summer months in New Zealand, that led Guy and Caroline Bodger to found White Cloud.

We took our three boys with us to New Zealand in 2000 and spent five years living and working in New Plymouth. During the hot summer months our eldest son had persistent insomnia and would spend many hours tossing, turning and overheating.

We happened to buy him a wool duvet and were so impressed by the results that we slowly replaced all our feather duvets and began to consider creating a Company to import wool duvets to England.

I have to warn you this woollen bedding isn't cheap BUT if you have a child who's not sleeping and you're walking around like a zombie, then I think almost any price is worth paying if it means the household gets some much needed kip!

It's no good, I need someone close and special to me to have a baby so I can buy them one of the woollen baby blankets, they look wonderful, cuddly and super cosy and would make a really fabulous 'welcome to the world' present.


  • Marisa
    I may appear bias as I do the PR for White CLoud. But my son was a very restless sleeper when you got to about 3 and had bad eczema - he;d have night sweats, kick off the duvet and then wake up very cold ... I tried a wool underlay and duvet 'on trial' that was 3 years ago & we all sleep with wool underlays and duvets! It has been an investment but one that is well worth it. Even my husband has stoped sniffling & sneezing at night which after 10 years of marriage was a bonus. The White Cloud bedding is of very high quality. it's lovely to work with a small company which has such genuine credenitals and that I can without excpetion shout from the roof tops about !!
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