Tweet From The Womb

4 August 2010

kickbee I'm still sitting on the fence with how to start off this post.

One option is - WHAT?! Oh you have to be KIDDING me!! The other is - HAHAHAAAA!!! OOOOHHH!!!! Can't. Breathe. For. Laughing.

Twitter has been around for a g e s and it's taken a while to really get going, but now no self-respecting anybody - celebrity or not - is without their own Twitter account.

But why restrict social media to those who have already been born!? Set up a Twitter account for your unborn child and let them tweet to their grandparents-to-be, or anyone else who wants to hear from them!

You think I'm joking?

The Kickbee is for this very purpose - it's a stretchy band that expectant mums can wear around their bump, it registers movement, sends it to the computer bla bla bla and the end result is a tweet that goes along the lines of 'I kicked mummy!'

Just when you think you've seen it all hey!

What do you think?

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