Star Wars Alphabet!

5 December 2010

starWarsAlphabet A is for Akbar, B is for Bossck, C is for Chewie and C3-PO (who else could it have been!) and D is for....Dash Rendar.

HA! You were going to say Darth Vadar weren't you...he's the letter V.

Now if that wasn't enough to bring your inner Star Wars geek rushing to the surface on a Sunday morning, then the idea behind its creation might just make you think.

An artist couple in the States had a baby; they were Star Wars GEEKS. They created the Star Wars Alphabet for babies and decided to make  it into a book to sell for $15; all monies go towards their little one's college fund.

Genius! I LOVE it!

You've got to admire people who get creative to solve a 'problem' - 'College/University fees..? PAH! We laugh in the face of education costs!' Awesome.

But there was/is a problem - not for them, but for those of us who want to get our hands on one of these ACE Star Wars Alphabet books...they've been overwhelmed by demand and have met their target a lot quicker than they expected to.

As a result, TOMORROW (Monday 6 December EST (that's New York time and five hours behind us in the UK, if that helps) will be the last day they'll accept orders for the book; they deliver internationally so if you want one you'd better hand over your $15 pronto.

Forget Last Chance Saloon, this is last chance at the Mos Eisley Cantina!

What do you think?

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