Sock Keeper

sockKeeper I really love this Sock Keeper; I'm completely smitten by it.

OK so it's not hugely practical and, unless you're going to make a giant one, only any good for tiny socks but it's FUN - life's all a bit too serious most of the time, so I'm all for fun things that raise a smile.

There are a few things that have, over the years, routinely disappeared in my house: keys, hair bands, hair grips (even more so) and socks.

WHERE do they all go?  Is there a sock mountain somewhere in an alternate universe perhaps? A kirby grips and hair band convention where all the ones you bought which then mysteriously vanished all get together?

I don't know but I do know that hanging up and framing lonley socks whilst they wait for their mates to be found is just CUTE!

I almost want to make one just for the sheer hell of it, even though I don't have little odd socks to worry about anymore.

What do you think?

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