Response to Mummy-tips

I want to share a response to this post over on Mummys-tips. On Sunday, we blogged about their site. Sian wrote a post which raised some points about post-natal depression, and we thought it was a really important topic to share. As Sarah wrote in the Playpennies post, it wasn't her usual type of content, but she thought it was pretty important to highlight and share with Playpennies readers.

Since then, we've been accused by Sian of stealing the whole blog post without permission. We quoted 178 words - clearly shown as a quote - from a potential 1099 words in the original post. None of us here at Playpennies would ever copy a post and attempt to pass it off as our own content - the very idea goes against the basic moral and ethics of any blogger.

All of us who write here at Playpennies are proud to be part of the mummy blogging community and linking to other bloggers we love and respect is an essential part of blogging and sharing who has influenced or touched us. We are horrified that Sarah's recommendation has been taken the wrong way and we are obviously incredibly apologetic. To make sure there's no misunderstanding about the quotation we've removed the few sentences we highlighted here and wanted to apologise for causing offence.


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