Potty Training Reward Calendar

I've stolen modified this from an idea that I read over on ParentHacks, where you use Christmas Advent Calendars as potty training reward doodahs, and combined it with this home-made height chart idea I wrote about 18 months ago.

Potty training the teenagers when they were small was so long ago that any trials and tribulations have long since been forgotten - take heart if you're battling with this little part of growing-up, you'll forget all the heartache and trauma you're enduring right now - and my youngest son literally took his nappy off one day, refused to wear them ever again and was dry from that day forward.

However, if you need a bit of a helping hand then a reward 'calendar' might come to your rescue, but rather than buying one with Christmas scenes plastered all over it, why not turn the whole affair into an event to share with your child?

Simply follow the instructions for the home-made height chart and sew, or stick, on little squares of fabric to create pockets to hold whatever potty training treats will really appeal to your child.

They could be little sweetie things, small toys (like Ickee Stickeez perhaps) or maybe money to put towards something they'd really like - the key here is to choose things that your child will really want to earn.

You can both/all sit down to together and decorate your potty training reward calendar and turn the whole experience into an adventure.

If you try this, let me know how you get on and GOOD LUCK with the whole transition from nappy to big boy pants/big girl knickers!

OR, if you have any potty training hints and tips of your own to share with everyone, why not leave them as comments here or start a thread over on our discussion forum?!

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