Pigmee Dolls: Bizarre Or Imaginative Genius?

Okay, what do you think of these Pigmee dolls?

Made from an old sheet, stitched and stuffed they are a soft toy option I bet you haven't seen before.

I also bet you wouldn't pay 80 Euros for one either, which is what they cost if you buy them from HERE.

I've been looking at them for a little while now and I can't decide whether I really like them or think they're just a bit bizarre; what do you think?

They're different, that's for sure; definitely NOT your run-of-the-mill soft toy but there is a point to them being as 'simple' as they are.

Leaving off all colour*, facial features (let alone expression) clothing and, in fact, anything that is remotely suggests anything other than something with vaguely resembles a human form is supposed to allow room for your child's imagination and creativity to run riot.

It makes sense; their Pigmee doll could take on any personality they wish to impose on it at any given moment.  A princess one day, an airline pilot the next; the possibilities are endless.

Not only that, if your child wasn't so keen on the less-is-more look they could always decorate their Pigmee with some fabric marker pens.

About that 80 Euro price tag...I reckon even the most craft/sewing challenged among us could rustle up a pretty good Pigmee doll or two with an old pillowcase, some thread and a bit of capoc stuffing for less than a couple of our Great British pounds!


What do you think?

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