NEW Skinny Prosecco Has Fewer Calories Than An Apple!

NEW Skinny Prosecco

What if we told you that you could enjoy your favourite tipple without the guilt? Well there's a brand new drink in town that we have to try - Skinny Prosecco is here!

Skinny Prosecco has half the sugar of regular Prosecco, and it's just 67 calories per glass!

If high sugar levels and calorie levels in wine were worrying you and making you turn to slimline gin or vodka tonics, then this is a way that you can do the low calorie thing and still have wine. Skinny Prosecco is also organic and vegan too as well as being low sugar.

The new Skinny range has been created by Thomson and Scott, and as well as being sold in establishments like Selfridges, and high end hotels and bars in the major cities, you can also pick up a bottle on Amazon*.

It's a fair bit more pricey than a regular bottle of Prosecco though as it will set you back £22.95 plus delivery.

By the way they also make Skinny Champagne* too.

What do you think, worth a try? And if it's half the sugar does that mean I can drink twice as much? No, probably not.

Remember to drink responsibly folks.


  • Rachel H.

    Perfect!!!! :wink::heart_eyes:

  • Emily C.

    We need this in our lives!!:wine_glass::wine_glass::wine_glass:

  • Becky R.

    Nooo. I'd rather starve and not eat so I can drink the proper stuff lol x

  • Louise K.


  • Lynsey G.

    were laughing here ladies :kissing_heart: xxx

  • Abz C.

    my new diet, just drinking this :joy:

    • Becky N.

      I need to try this!!

  • Lisa M.

    It's made for us!! !!!

    • Claire W.

      I need this in my life!!

  • Jade R.

    reckon this will be allowed on slimming world? haha

  • Tiffany B.

    Have you tried this skinny presseco ? Does it taste good ?

  • Leigh L.

    this means you can drink more of it haha! Xx

    • Louise B.

      Yes!!! This is what dreams are made of!! Lol :joy::champagne::cocktail::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Jill C.

    !! Life just got better!! X

  • Sandra P.

    At that flippin price you would have to sip it slow

  • Amy D.


  • Sabrina M.


  • Louise K.

    Oooh! X

  • Faye C.

    Sounds good mate! X

  • Eirean O.

    How blooming good is that :thumbsup_tone1::champagne::cocktail: xx

  • Molly G.

    Well where do I get some :ok_hand_tone3:

  • Stacey T.

    Sounds perfect to me :wink: X x

  • Santina C.

    what a bloody result. We need this in our life's right now :clap_tone2::clap_tone2::clap_tone2:

    • Lisa D.

      Oooohhh i need this!!!!

    • Santina C.

      im on a mission to find this :clap_tone2:

  • Kayleigh W.

    low sugar fewer calories

  • Luisa M.

    Ooh looks like my perfect diet!!! Xx

  • Gemma M.

    nope, i like calories :joy:

  • Leanne Z.

    !!! It's the future ha x

    • Kimberley S.

      Love this :thumbsup_tone1:

  • Karen R.

    Wow! How can it be so expensive!!!

  • Lucy H.

    Ermagerddddd :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Linzi O.

    I'm buyin a crate :see_no_evil::joy:

  • Natalie F.

    ... There really is s God!!!

  • Laura C.

    I drink prosecco without guilt anyway :D xx

  • Jill C.

    you can drink twice as much now!! Xx

  • Grainne M.

    Need this!!!!

  • Laura C.

    Not at £22.95 a bottle I can't haha! I'd rather just jog while drinking the regular stuff :D xx

  • Lisa S.

    Can I have a bottle waiting in December please, ? :grinning:

  • Tammi M.

    Whoop whoop...let's get on it!

  • Joanne M.

    I will miss the apple if this is healthier xxx

  • Jemma P.

    !!! We need this in our lives!!!!!xx

  • Karen J.

    Oh look at this! :smiley::champagne: Bit pricey though :cry:

  • Jill C.

    No way! You can get almost 5 bottles for that price at Aldi and its soooooo nice!! X

  • Jane R.

    I need this!

  • Leeann B.

    £22 a bottle!! That's the diet!!!!!

  • Ciara M.

    the future is bright! :joy:

  • Natasha R.

    Awesome!! Love the sound of this :heart_eyes:

  • Emma B.

    I need to find this!!

  • Linda H.

    :heart_eyes: haha ideal for me this xx

    • Claire U.

      Go nice with raspberry vodka and pink lemonade lol xx

  • Lisa C.

    three times as much !!!!!!

  • Lindsey R.

    It's less calories cos you can't afford to drink as much!! :pound:

  • Keira M.

    there you go! winner winner! xx

    • Annalisa C.

      Oft just what the doctor ordered :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Sarah S.

    Mmm as long as it tastes the same :heart_eyes:

  • Lynn G.

    I cannot wait :raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2::raised_hands_tone2:

  • Laura M.

    There will be a catch it will only be 5 %vol

  • Gemma S.

    Hell yes!

  • Sarah-Jane H.

    Fab. Is it wrong that my first thought is I can drink more for the same calories?

  • Jessica M.


  • Sue B.

    there is a god! !!!!!

  • Naomi H.

    :heart_eyes: it's like all my prayers have been answered. Bring on the skinny booze!!

  • Laura B.

    Haha nice! This mean we can drink a lot more!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

  • Ellen M.

    £20 +...Think i'll chance the calories for the cheaper one :grinning:

  • Kerrie P.

    yay x

  • Farrah S.

    It's really expensive

  • Christine R.


  • Natalie M.

    As if I need any more of an excuse :champagne::dancer_tone1:

  • Jeannie W.

    Be on the look out x

  • Jayd S.

    lower calories then an apple :flushed: who needs fruit! :joy:

  • Clare S.

    Ooooo that's sounds yummy xx

  • Lizzie P.

    Means we can drink it daily!!:tada::tada:

  • Jo D.

    Can we have it with lunch? :champagne:

  • Karen B.

    need this :joy::joy::see_no_evil:xx

  • Joanne M.

    Aye I'm up for that :laughing::champagne:

  • Erin W.

    No excuse now.... Wud b rude not to :see_no_evil: x

  • Leanne R.

    Holy moly is this real?! Xx

  • Kat W.

    Mmmm fizz xxx

  • Libby M.

    Love this :heart:

  • Paula O.

    £4 in Asda for full fat tasty prosecco at the moment haha

  • Caitlin B.

    Mmmmmmmm xx

  • Hannah M.

    Skinny proscecco!!??!?! I need to find this!!!!

  • Vicky W.

    - this calls for a night out!! :cocktail::champagne:

  • Samantha E.

    Lmao just think you could drink twice as much before feeling bad lol xx

  • Ruth D.

    I'm sticking with full fat prosecco! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Samantha E.

    I wonder if it would be classed as syn free lol xx

  • Jenny T.

    , there is only a 'like' button, consider it pushed many many times :laughing:

  • Therese N.

    it's practically part of your 5 a day!!!!

  • Abbie L.

    Well it's made to be! I can drink and be thin!

  • Fiona C.

    Yes, bring it on :smiley: x

  • Ryan C.

    can drink twice as much!!!! :kissing:

    • Abigail M.

      Wahoooooo! Where can we get it from????

  • Lian B.

    All my birthdays have come at once ;)

  • Laura E.

    Meh, give me the calories :champagne:

  • Laura E.

    . I'd rather drink the full calorie one for cheaper tho xxx

  • Heather G.

    This is a necessity!

  • Eileen G.

    Mmmmm just might have to give it a try lol :joy::joy::joy:

  • Laura C.

    Can be one of your 5 a day if its less calories than an apple :joy:

  • Eileen G.

    If I have 5 glasses it can be 5 of my 5 a day lol :joy::joy:

  • Laura C.

    that's more like it :cocktail:= :green_apple::tangerine::pear::strawberry::banana:

  • Catherine B.

    Class thats now bananas and apples off the list!!!

  • Bonita C.

    I belive this is happy days right here!x

  • Louise M.

    oooh add chambord and that counts as one of 5 a day too :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

  • Julie W.

    I need this!!:heart_eyes:

  • Caitriona M.

    solved all problems!

  • Jackie R.

    Less calories normally mean less alcohol content!

  • Tina C.

    at last !!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:

    • Emma G.

      Am I dreaming? X

    • Karen L.

      It must be a dream. X

  • Aimee S.

    Healthy fizz :thumbsup_tone2::champagne: xxx

  • Cheryl G.

    Oooooh guilt free prosecco x

  • Emma L.

    Excellent news! :blush:

  • Vicky B.

    If it wasn't so expensive I'd be getting a box load :joy::joy:xx

  • Martha W.

    Omg shut up! My life is complete :raised_hands_tone1:

  • Phillippa L.

    I wonder if it's slimming world friendly?? :joy:

  • Jemma W.

    There's not that many more calories in the normal prosecco- think there's about 80 in standard prosecco xx

  • Jenny P.

    we need to try this! X

    • Jenny P.

      will look out for it x

  • Kelly W.

    !!!!! Finally, healthy alcohol! Xx

  • Amanda H.

    Need this in my lifeee.

  • Alex F.

    Ooh means you can drink more of it!! Xxx

  • Claire B.

    Yes, yes, yes. I need to restock my wine fridge :smiley::kissing_heart:

  • Emma M.

    Ooooooh la la !!!! I need this in my life :joy::joy::heart_eyes: xxx

  • Stephanie A.

    I need loads lol x

  • Roisin O.

    £22 a bottle :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

  • Catherine S.

    , could drink more and not worry about calories :)

  • Melissa A.

    Oooooh :smirk::smirk: now even more of an excuse to drink this Hahahah :speak_no_evil:

  • Nicola M.

    :scream: no!!!! That's amazing

  • Gemma L.

    More than £20 a bottle tho! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

  • Nicola M.

    :scream: I'd rather be fat :joy:

  • Amanda G.


  • Amy S.

    Deffo love the idea of skinny prosecco!!!!!!!!

  • Amy S.

    Drink yourself thin!

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