No More Nails

buzzBNailTrimmer I've never had any issue cutting my childrens' nails when they were tiny babies - a little pair of nail clippers from Mothercare was all I needed (I'd love to get my hands on my teenage son's nails still, it drives me mad that I have no control over keeping those neat and tidy any more!).

But I know some parents who almost went into full-scale meltdown at the very thought of having to do it, "What if I cut too close and hurt them?!" they would wail, in panic.

I can be rather impatient and unforgiving in such situations; there'll be far worse to come than nail trimming (just wait until your child gets a splinter and is FREAKING out) so they might as well toughen-up, grow a proverbial 'pair' and get on with the snipping job in hand.

Naturally this parental fear has been exploited spotted and a product created especially for pansy parents who 'can't do it!'

The Buzz B costs $25 and is a battery operated nail trimmer BUT it doens't cut the nails - think of it more as a battery operated nail file.

It uses cushioned pads that are specially designed for baby's nails which won't damage their skin if your aim is a bit off, it also comes with two pads for toddler nails too.

The Buzz B comes with four pads, two baby-grade ones and two for toddlers. and it has two power settings.

I'm chuckling away here - I use a Dremmel sanding tool to file down my dog's claws (MUCH easier than nail clippers) and I can't help but see this is a baby version of that!

So what do we think of this baby gadget?

a) A complete waste of my hard-earned cash; honestly, it's clipping nails not brain surgery. OR

b) Complete genius; I'd pay any amount of money not to have to go near the nail clippers!

I vote A!

What do you think?

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