Five Minute Chocolate Pudding In A Mug

6 February 2011

fiveMinuteChocolateMugPudding If you don't already know about five minute chocolate puddings in a mug then you're either going to LOVE me...OR you're going to hate me.

I first came across this amazing little idea a few years ago and, thankfully, it's something that comes and goes off my recipe radar otherwise I'd be the size of a house by now.

If you've got kids who love warm puddingy-cakey type things then this is something you can whip up in a couple of minutes with them, and you'll invariably have everything you need in the cupboards all the time.

Just put the dry ingredients in a mug and mix them together, add an egg, milk and some oil then pop it in the microwave for three minutes - the kids LOVED watching their own little individual puddings getting closer and closer to the top of the mug.

The recipe is basic and there's a lot of fun to be had experimenting with adding different things.

For example, leave out the cocoa powder, if you don't want a chocolatey one, and add some syrup or a dollop of jam instead - please be careful if you try these two because the jam or syrup will be super-hot and take the skin off the roof of your mouth.

If you've used a huge mug there may be room on the top of your five minute chocolate pudding for a couple of small scoops of  ice cream, or perhaps some custard.

Happy five minute pudding making!

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