Lullabelly - Musical Maternity Belt

If you're expecting a baby, have read about the benefits of playing music to your growing progeny and love maternity gadgets the you might like the Lullabelly - if nothing else, you've got to love the name!

I read this line in their blurb:

"...listening to soothing music calms the savage ninja fetus, preventing the alien baby from bursting out of you all cinematic-like."

and wondered if we shouldn't try and get one for our very own Luschka - judging by one of her tweets yesterday, baby Luschka was having a bit of a weekend party on the inside!

Just in case you didn't know - babies that have been exposed to music whilst in the womb display advanced intelligence, coordination and learning skills once on the outside.  It also depends on the sort of music you play to them.

Mozart is often touted as being the 'clever child's music - seriously, here's a radio programme you can listen to that'll tell you ALL about the Mozart Effect' - conversely, subjecting your in-utero child to your Megadeath album collection probably isn't such a good idea.

Essentially the Lullabelly is a soft fabric band with speakers on the inside - simply plug in your mp3 player of choice and press PLAY.  It's got pockets for holding other bits and pieces, is machine washable (once you've taken the speaker out) and has a splitter so you can listen along with your baby; the baby's speaker also has a safe maximum level too, so you can't overwhelm them by playing anything too loud.

It retails for $59.99; I've had a quick scout around (and I do mean quick) and an obvious UK supplier didn't pop up - I'm sure there must be one or two around somewhere though.

What do you think? In true HUKD style: HOT or COLD?



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  • LuschkaPP
    ha Sarah! Cold from me... Save your $60. This baby kicks like a donkey when I sing, I wouldn't want to put myself through something electronic making him/her dance!

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