Kuster Jelly Baby Changing Mat

kusterJellyBabyChangingMat Changing mats are an essential piece of parenting kit; there's really no getting around the need for one.

If you're a regular reader you'll know I've got three children - one aged 17, one aged 16 and the youngest, aged five.

The boys are the oldest and youngest and cold changing mats used to, almost without fail, trigger an amazing peeing event that ended up with the changer getting SOAKED!

Funny for all observing, not so hilarious if it was YOU in the firing line.

And it didn't seem to make that much difference putting a towel on top of the mat either, unless it was a warm towel snatched off the nearest radiator in a hurry.

Mooching around the internet looking for different non-deal things to show-and-tell, I came across the Jelly Baby changing mat that has the potential to

a) stop cold peeing protests from boys and

b) be much more comfy for our little babes when they're being changed.

The Küster Jelly Baby changing mat is made from memory foam and is ergonomically shaped to fit babies.

It's also easy to wipe clean - VERY important - and the special high tech material is warm to the touch, soft and gentle for your baby and free from PVC.

The Jelly Baby changing mat is available with an optional 100% cotton and towelling, machine washable liner and it comes with it's own travel bag too for taking it out and about with you.

Now, they retail for £30 and come in either cream, pink or blue colours.

According to the Kuster website, they are currently out of stock - as this isn't a deal I'm not so worried about that, just drop them an email and ask them WHEN they're going to get more of their Jelly Baby changing mats.

I've read a couple of reviews on Amazon  for this changing mat and it sounds like it will be worth the wait (it's out of stock there too at the moment, sorry)...

"It's warm and comfy. Moulded so it stops them rolling off. My bub actually slept on this at first during the days when he hated his moses basket!"

"Baby prefers to lie on this rather that anywhere else. The slightly raised sides have the safety aspect. Easy to clean, but the cover is not really necessary as you would constantly have to wash it."

"I bought the Kuster Jelly Baby changing mat before I had my baby boy and have been using it for seven months now. It's brilliant!! It's soft and feels warm to the touch while being easily wipeable should there be any little accidents. The sides are slightly raised all round, so younger babies can't wriggle off - I have a lot of friends with babies the same age so I do get to see a good range of changing mats - the Jelly Baby seems to be the best by far"

Fingers crossed Kuster and Amazon get some more in stock soon!

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