Home-Made Paper Snow Flakes And Tree Ornaments

I was talking with my husband last night about how both our mothers made Christmas decorations out of paper and crepe paper.  My mum used to make snowflakes out of paper and stick them up on the windows and the patio doors; I loved helping her to do them, it really started to feel like Christmas when we were snipping away with Christmas music playing in the background.

I did the same when my teenagers were smaller, but they're really not into that sort of thing any more so there are no more paper snowflakes in this house. However, if you have little ones in the house then maybe you'd like to start off a tradition of making paper snowflakes with them too.

I also came across this rather lovely tree ornaments project which uses clay, a snowflake stamper and some ribbon to hang them with - this is more of a one-off project but would produce some home-made tree decorations which would be treasured and used year after year.

You don't have to use a snowflake stamp of course, you could personalise them any which way you choose - with all the family initials perhaps...?

If you have a go at making any of these things, snap a couple of pictures and send them to me - I'd love to see!

What do you think?

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