Hair Band Storage

"WHERE do all the hair bands go?!" It's one of those questions that pops into my head often.

You know how it goes: you buy a bumper pack of 50, or 100, hair bands (they should last you long time) and for a fair while you always have hair bands to hand.

One day, you notice that there are only a few hair bands left from that bumper pack; most of their hair-controlling colleagues seem to have gone AWOL and whilst you manage to find a few when you rummage into the deep dark depths of your handbag, and turn out various coat pockets, all the rest have GONE!

WHERE. DO. THEY GO?!!  It's not as if I'm careless (I know there are two in my car as I type, in the little place designed for cups by the gear stick), I just don't have anywhere central and obvious to put them.

Exactly the same things happens to the hair bands I buy for my teenage daughter too; it's been happening her whole life and I'm wondering if a variation of a ParentHack I came across might offer us a solution!

The hack involved stretching all your hair bands over a square glass bottle - now even to me that sounds too much like hard work and, if my daughter was little, I'm not sure I'd want glass bottles in her room.

So I mused on an alternative - how about a bog standard, ordinary kitchen roll holder?!  You know, just a wooden or chrome spindle on a base - when you take you hair down you just put your hairband over the spindle and drop it down!  When you want one, you just lift one off.

It could work! Of course, it does actually require you to put the hairbands over the spindle yourself, they won't make their own way there - and you could argue, if you can do this with a kitchen roll spindle, then surely you could just  put them in a 'same place' every day thus negating the need to spend money on a place to keep them.

I don't know what the answer is, but I do know I'm willing to try (almost) anything.

If you've got any great ideas to prevent hair bands going AWOL, PLEASE let me know, and don't even get me STARTED on missing hair grips!

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  • emmajk42
    Exactly the same happens to me. I think I bought a pack of 50 recently, and I can now find 3.

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