Use Glow Stick Bracelets To Show The Way

glowBraceletHack I don't know what it is about glow stick bracelets that kids love so much, but they do, and it doesn't seem to matter what age they are either.

My almost 16-year-old daughter recently attended a science exhibition in London; some AMAZING technology was being showcased there and she came back with various things in a goody bag.

In this goody bag was a 'sample' of invisible technology - a glass marble that literally becomes invisible in water,  it's properly AMAZING! - a t-shirt, a badge, some stickers AND glow sticks.

What was she most excited about?  Not the invisible tech' but the glow sticks!

She gave some of them to my youngest and he loved them too.

Mooching around the internet I came across a parent hack from a parent who's come up with a PRACTICAL use for glow stick bracelets.

She uses them to show her children the way to various rooms in the dark; specifically, hotel bathrooms when they're away from home.

I think it's rather a nifty idea if you've got various glow 'things' hanging around and means you don't have to leave the bathroom light on all night.

What do you think?

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