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gelliBaff Do you have a child who HATES getting into the bath, making bath times living hell?

Do they scream so loudly at even just the prospect of getting the water for, what should be, a lovely calm time spent with your child chatting over the day's events , and generally bonding over warm fluffy towels and baby powder?

HOW badly do you want them to get in that water, this is the question I put to you this Sunday morning?

Badly enough to turn the water into 'jelly'...?

Hmmm, I'm not sure either and, for a while, my youngest was a little toad for yelling the house down when it came to bath times.

Basically, you sprinkle the first sachet into the water and it transforms into bright, lurid coloured GOO; when you're finished you sprinkle in sachet number two which turns the goo back into water.

It's completely safe, although not edible, has passed toy testing both here and in Australia and has recently been approved by the rather strict American FDA.

It was originally formulated as a foot spa product for softening hard skin on feet and, apparently, leaves skin feeling very soft and refreshed.

Just as long as it doesn't leave you Princess Pink or Magic Swamp coloured that's ok, although I'm sure then kids would love it even MORE.

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