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deuzPlayMat Both my sons had play mats when they were small; my youngest still likes to play with his occasionally.

My daughter never had one though, the only play mats around at the time were road based ones for driving cars on and she had NO interest in doing that at all.

So I rather like these play mats from Deuz as they're a little quirky and nothing like your stereotypical play mat from Tesco or Toys R Us (no offence, to those retailers intended!).

There are four different designs available and each play mat measures 125cm x 125cm.

They are made from 100% cotton making them nice and easy to fold up, rather than the foam-backed ones my boys had which you could only roll up, it also means they are machine washable too - if you've ever had play mats you'll KNOW how disgusting they can get, so to be able to throw them in the wash is a huge plus.

The Deuz play mats are expensive though, they work out at about £46, and I've just had a bit of a PlayPennies brainwave!

WHY NOT make your own play mats with your kids?!

An old cotton sheet, some fabric paint or marker pens and a bit of imagination is all you'll need and you can have an enormous washable, foldable and unique play mat for a fraction of the cost.

You know, you could even draw things like a hopscotch grid too.

OOOH, I'm feeling all creative now; let me know if you have a go at drawing your own play mats and feel free to send in some pictures as well (if that's not being too demanding).

What do you think?

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