The Daddle - A Saddle For Dads

I think every person on the planet has, at some point, sat on their parents' backs and played horsey rides.  Now I'm all for role-play, but the Daddle is taking things j-u-s-t that step too far for me; what do you think?

The Daddle is, quite simply, a strap-on saddle for Dads (although any willing grown-up victim will suffice) and in the grand scheme of 'colossal waste of money' items, I think this one has to be up be up near the top of that list.

The thrill of bare back horsey rides (oh my goodness, that sounds even worse than 'a strap-on saddle'!!!) was the challenge of staying on! The wobbliness of going round corners at speed and the whole PRETEND element; I don't ever recall thinking to myself, "Hmmmm, you know, this would be a LOT more fun if I had an actual saddle!"  What's next, a bridle too?!

I know I'm turning into a bit of a cynic in my 'old age' - and the comedy Amazon reviews would suggest I'm not the only one who thinks the Daddle is completely daft - but I want to know if any of YOU actually think it's rather cool and fun; would you buy one?!

Fortunately (or unfortunately if you actually want one) it doesn't appear to be available here in the UK (let's not go down the international delivery route).

What do you think?

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