Baby Knee Pads

15 September 2010

baby These are exactly what you imagine them to be from the title - they are knee pads for babies.

As soon as little ones become mobile, and all hell breaks loose, their knees take a bit of a hammering.  As much time as possible is spent crawling from A to B and back again.

If you have a summer crawler then, unless you put them in long trousers, there's nothing to protect the skin on their knees from wear and tear.

You can get them from various places - here and here are just two that I found - and costs can vary from £5.25 up to £16.65.

My youngest was very funny about wearing extra things, keeping a hat on his head for more than 10 seconds was worthy of a Knighthood from the Queen, so there'd be no way he'd have kept these on.

So my question of the day to you is this: Baby knee pads - genius or gimmick?


  • SlayerKat
    I'd definitely be interested in these. My baby son is a knee "walker" and is getting through his trousers like you wouldn't believe. Feel tempted to buy a couple of pairs now thanks to this. I will report back later!
  • Lynley O.
    I'm a bit gobsmacked really. I mean honestly, knee pads for babies to stop the wear and tear on them from crawling? It really smacks of yet another product designed to part inexperienced parents from their cash.
  • Gaby
    One word : ridiculous. On a par with the daft foot supports I've seen that aim to keep babies socks on.

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